The Numbers - 169 Squares, 52 Triangles, 4 Corner Kites, 4973 Pieces


Janiacs - those who make a Dear Jane® quilt - often have numbers after their names. I am Marcie Thompson, 169-52-4-4973. Look above to see what those numbers relate to.

The block on the right has 21 pieces - the average number of pieces in the 225 blocks. The 4 1/2" block with the most pieces was C12 with 49 pieces. You count everything on the quilt top to come up with the piece total. I had 4722 pieces in the 225 blocks and triangles. I added 196 triangles or squares surrounding the center blocks and 56 solid triangles alternating with the pieced triangles. If you are making this quilt and you are going to keep up with the number of pieces, I recommend you keep your list in a spreadsheet that constantly calculates your total as you go.

For the time being you can see my block chart on my original Facets page where you may click on each block to see its detail.

Milestones are award as you reach new levels of completion starting with the Silver Award for having finished 25 blocks. You are a Wonder Worker if you get all the blocks done and a Miracle Worker if you go on a finish the triangles. When you have then taken those blocks, put then together in a quilt top, and quilted them you are a Goddess. Actually the award is simply printed from your software and somewhere out there in the ether someone has listed you as a Goddess. But amongst the Janiacs we all understand what went into becoming a Dear Jane Goddess. Attempts have been made to keep up with those who have finished the quilt but every list I have seen is incomplete.