Bearrett's Quilt

Bearrett's Quilt
That's Not My Monster

A visit to The Rabbit's Lair in Rogers, Arkansas prompted me to go in a new direction on my baby quilt journey. I found several fun patterns from an Australian company called Don't Look Now, but the one that I bought was Little Monsters. Now while I loved the pattern making that exact quilt would put me way over the "make in four days" limit. So I combined this pattern with the idea of using the 12 blocks and ended up designing a sort of modified attic window quilt without the Y-seam.

Each 10" block is made with a monster in a 6" square that is bordered on 2 sides with a 2" colored strip on the bottom and right side and a 2" dark strip on the right and top. I used many of the monsters in the Little Monsters pattern and then I created some of my own by getting ideas from an internet search of monsters. If you decide to make your own monster quilt keep in mind that this is for a little one. Make the monsters "cute".

For a closer look at each block go the slideshow.

Bearrett Myles's quilt which I hope he snuggles under while reading his book That's Not My Monster by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells is 40" x 50" and is machine appliquéd, pieced, and quilted.

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