Our Favorites

A Friendship Quilt

I met Betsy Hemmingson Oddson in 8th grade in gym class. We did everything together in high school and then even started college together. But life took us in different directions and we only saw each other occasionally though the years. We have tried to see each other more often recently, even if that is only once a year. Friendships are my greatest treasure and Betsy is one of my favorite gems in that collection.

I made this little scrap quilt in 2006 to represent what we each are into. Betsy's husband owns a horse stable which is perfect because Betsy has always loved horses. And she has a giant bird's cage full of exotic finches. So guess which two blocks represent her. I love quilting and gardening. The blocks on this quilt are from Brenda Papadakis's book Dear Hannah: In the Style of Jane A. Stickle.

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