Marcie Thompson's Golden Album

I used my Yellow-Winged Blue Birds as the inspiration for my quilt. I used the same background fabric, the deep blue metallic for the borders, and the focus fabric in the birds will be throughout the quilt. My greatest lesson and challenge was patiently trying out different fabrics until the color combinations popped. Making those ruched flowers was my biggest sewing challenge. I was thrilled to have Irma Gail Hatcher guiding and encouraging me along the way. Working with a group that was also making the quilt kept me on task. It took 13 months to piece the top. When it is quilted I will post that picture.

rose peacock forget thistle holly
Princess Feather grapes burgundy cornucopia basket
bluebonnets bow center 13 blocks golden
mum berries focus 1 focus 2 inspiration

Do dogs do this? Ewan had to try out my focus fabric while I cut purple berries out of it.


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