My Quilt Gallery

I am starting with the latest quilt I have completed and will continue adding older quilts as I have time. Click on any thumbnail to begin the slide show. Links to each quilt are in the slide show.

Nolan's Quilt Olivia's Quilt Sweetheart Tree Brady's Quilt Audrey's Quilt
Calico Garden Dolls Avery's Quilt Designer Baskets Lava Flows Paisley's Quilt
Bearrett's Quilt Hadley's Quilt Liam's Quilt Nathan's Quilt Little Bird
Sandia Spirits Holiday Hearts Yellow-Winged Blue Birds Indoor Garden New York Beauty
Allie's Quilt Kaleidoscope 4 Blueberry Hill The Blue Cat a la Lorraine
Postcard Stepping Dwarfs autumn facets
Mini quilt Windy Diana Facets Remix Hankerchief
Facet Blocks All the Cats Placitas K3 K2
Dear Hearts K1 Dutch Rose Heart Clock

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