Olivia's Quilt

Olivia's Quilt
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Grandchild number two came along seven months after the first one. Her mother Ashley requested a bird-themed quilt. I searched for an ideal pattern and fell in love with Gail Pan's Berries and Bluebirds block of the month. This is a full-sized quilt, and I was looking for baby quilt size. So I redrafted the patterns for this quilt. If you are interested in making the full-sized quilt do a google search for Berries and Bluebirds or contact Gail Pan to find out if any patterns are still available. Since it was designed and distributed as a block of the month there may be a limited time in which you can get this pattern.

I like to put the baby's birth statistics on newborn quilt. One of the special things I did on this quilt was appliqué Olivia's name on the quilt in fabric. I found a font that I liked, enlarged it, printed it out, and transferred it to fabric. This is fairly easy to do with a script font. I also personalized her birthplace with a map of Texas and included a little blue cat which represents me.

Here is a picture of 5 1/2 month old Olivia wishing my a happy birthday while sitting on her quilt.

The quilt is 42" x 50". It is raw-edged machine appliquéd and quilted.

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