Dear Hearts

Dear Hearts
For my husband John

I used thirteen fabrics to make this small quilt that has twelve log cabin blocks alternated thirteen heart blocks. I gave "Dear Hearts" to my husband for our 13th anniversary in 1989. Years before while dating we had seen What's Up Doc with Barbra Steisand and Ryan O'Neal. Ryan's character would respond to Barbra's requests with a very nerdy "Yes, Dear". And so "Dear" has been our nickname for one another ever since.

The pattern was adapted from a book by Donna McConnell called Lively Little Logs (still available with a little searching on the Internet). Log cabin blocks start with a square (traditionally red) in the center and the logs are built out from there. The logs on one diagonal side are dark or one color. The logs on the opposite side are light or another color. When multiple blocks are made they can be sewn together to make different patterns including Furrows, Sunshine and Shadows, and Barn Raising.

Closely related blocks include Courthouse Steps and the Chevron. Type "log cabin blocks" into your favorite search engine to get ideas and instructions on making a quilt using log cabin blocks. And if you really want to see interesting twists on this simple block go to Flavin Glover's website.

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