Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill
Can you pick out the two blocks?

In September 2007 I took Charlotte Angotti's "Let Me Surprise You" workshop. You take the workshop knowing you will not know what the quilt looks like. It is all very secretive. You get in there and she hands you a sandwich bag of precut pieces of fabric. (The best part of making this quilt is that there is almost no cutting.) Then she guides you in how to start putting the blocks together. Once you have enough pieces together to form the 2 main building blocks, in this case a Variable Star and a Fifty-Four-Forty-or-Fight block, she reveals the finished quilt top. You then have the option to buy the borders to finish this large lap quilt.

What I find most fascinating thing about this quilt is that the main colors she used - yellow, blue, green, and orange (chosen for their coordination with the outer border fabric) - are different fabrics. But it works and is more interesting because of it. I did machine quilt this piece. I am a beginner in that area. You will not be shown the details! Learning to maneuver that much bulk is a challenge. I gave this quilt to my father-in-law Jimmy Thompson to celebrate his 82nd birthday.

Those of you who have taken Charlotte's workshop - wouldn't you like to see a gallery of her quilts from those workshops?

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