How to Piec-liqué

new york beauty
New York Beauty Beginning

Sharon Schamber is a very entertaining lecturer and an excellent teacher. She has a very good method for appliquéing especially if you need to machine appliqué large, curvy pieces. I took her Piec-liqué class and made this New York Beauty block in a day. She also has a website link with a Basics of Piec-liqué tutorial.

The key lessons I learned from her class:

  • Press your freezer paper to shrink it.
  • Double or triple layer your freezer paper to reuse a template.
  • Use starch to make perfect applique pieces.
  • Clip concave curves.

Though I haven't often gone all the way to machine sewing my applique, I have used the above four tips to prepare some pieces for my hand appliqué.

Click on the yinyang to see her Piec-liqué tutorial. yinyang

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