Marcie's Garden

A Blue Flower

I was almost finished with my Dear Jane® quilt when my friend Lorraine Hofmann showed me the Calico Garden quilt online. I said, "I do not want to make another big sampler quilt." She pointed out that it is just a crib-sized quilt - about 40 x 50 inches. Okay, fine. I couldn't resist. We made plans to start a group of interested quilters, and I started buying fabrics. I thought it would require pastels but I chose a soft peach background, and bolder colors were necessary for the flowers to show up.

Those of you considering making this quilt can take advantage of your stash. This is the perfect scrap quilt. I finish my quilt in a little over a year. It is called Indoor Garden.

As usual, I have modified some of my flower blocks - adapting the patterns to some of my fabrics. Go to my Calico Garden site and click on the block chart to see details of my flowers. Then check out the other Arkansas Calico Gardeners' pages and enjoy seeing each one's unique take on this quilt.

My quilt was made to the same scale as the original finishing at about 40" x 50". It is hand appliquéd, machined pieced, and hand quilted with a wool batting that helps the flowers pop.

Next gardener.