SewEzi - Portable Sewing Table

SewEzi Portable Sewing Table

I don't have an official sewing room though my daughter may beg to differ when she comes home and sees her old closet full of fabric and one area of her bedroom a sewing corner. That is where I have my sewing machine set up in its semi-permanent location though it is easy to move thanks to my SewEzi portable sewing table.

Here is what I like about the table.
a. It puts my sewing machine at the perfect height for sewing.
b. It is easy to move the table forward and back since it is so light (to accommodate a bulkier quilt behind the table.)
c. It is easy to slip the machine out of the table and fold the table up should I need to make more space in that room when guests visit.
d. The table though portable is amazingly sturdy.
e. The acrylic insert is made to fit my sewing machine exactly so there are no gaps between the machine and the sewing surface eliminating the need for an extension surface around the freearm of the machine.
f. I ordered an extra light box acrylic insert so that the area can also serve that purpose as well.

Read more about this product at where you can find an order form for it.

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