Local vs Internet Shopping

blue cat
The Blue Cat Commentary

If you are reading this you are on the Internet. A great place to explore for information and ideas...and quilting products. But have you checked out your local quilting store first for what you are looking for? We must support our quilt shops first or we will not have them. There is no replacement for actually seeing and comparing the fabrics you are considering for your projects. At the shop you are able to step back and visualize how different fabrics will blend with one another. You can get new ideas and suggestions from the owners and other shoppers. And your shopping needs are met immediately - go home that evening and get to work.

Many of your local shops have Internet sites which expand their business. I am not arguing against Internet shopping. I just received a package after online shopping for an older fabric that is no longer available locally. The Internet is a fabulous resource for that type of thing. I do want to thank the online shops who I have done business with for great customer service. I just want to be able to run out to my quilt shop when I need something and the only way we will have them is to support them.