Lava Flows

Lava Flows
2010 Conway Challenge

The 2010 Conway Challenge was to start with a Moda's BasicGrey Blush Romance paisley. Let me break that down for you. Moda is a fabric company. Within the company they have different designers or in this case a design house called BasicGrey. Designers produce lines of fabric with various coordinating designs and colors. This line is called Blush. The are five colorways in this line. That means most of the patterns are repeated in different colors. The series of red fabrics in the line are called Romance. And finally the paisley fabric actually has a number (30202-14) rather than the name Paisley.

Back to the challenge. We also needed to include a nine patch of any kind in our quilt. A nine patch is a square divided into nine sections, 3 x 3. So while the basic nine patch is like a tic-tac-toe board, there are 1000's of variations. So to ask a quilter to include a nine patch in her quilt is almost like asking her to use some fabric and thread. My nine patch is a bit camoflagued but it is there.

The inspiration for my quilt was from a book called Batik Beauties by Laurie J. Shifrin. I adapted the pattern called Trip to Indonesia to make my quilt. I wanted to fussy cut the paisleys to make the four blocks in the middle. I pulled the aqua in the paisley fabric to make the color transition from light to dark. And finally I chose the brown as an accent.

This quilt is 38" x 38". It is machine pieced and quilted.

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