Batik Glow

Batik Glow
My first art quilt...I will do it again someday.

This wallhanging features batik fabrics and is adapted from a book called Strips and Curves by Louisa L. Smith. You begin by making a strata from fabric strips that moves from the darkest of one color down to its lightest and then transition back to the darkest of a second color. Then you cut out circle and drunkard's path pieces from the strata as well as the feature fabric. Next you start playing with them until you find a striking arrangement.

If you are interested in making what I would call an art quilt but would like some direction check out Louisa's gallery at her Quilt Escapes website. If you are inspired to make one of these quilts I recommend that you get the book it comes from, read through it studying the technique, and then carefully follow the directions. Louisa gives you great guidance while allowing you to be creative with fabrics and layouts.

I finished this piece that is 40" x 32" in 2003, and it hangs in Mary Robertson's office. It is machine pieced and hand quilted.

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